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Pilsen Wellness Center Receives $20,000 COVID-19 Grant from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois


May 13, 2020, Chicago– To help ease the increased needs of Illinoisans during the COVID-19 pandemic, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) has awarded Pilsen Wellness Center a $20,000 grant as part of BCBSIL’s $1.5 million COVID-19 Community Collaboration Fund.

BCBSIL’s Grant will enable the agency to increase its refrigeration storage capacity to serve many more families impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.  Pilsen Wellness Center will be able to expand its food distribution activities and increase the amount of food available at its Wellness Pantry.

BCBSIL selected 75 organizations across Illinois with missions focused on access to care, hunger and shelter to receive $20,000 grants to rapidly help address the current crisis.

“We know COVID-19 is challenging the resources that allow local organizations to provide a safety net for people most in need,” said Steve Hamman, president of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois. “While we continue to help ensure our members have access to the care and coverage they need, these grants allow us to broaden our impact and make a difference in the lives of so many.”

For a full list of grantees go to https://www.bcbsil.com/newsroom/category/community-health/covid- 19-community-grant-awards

The Pilsen Wellness Center, Inc. actively seeks to provide holistic human services to individuals and families through culturally sensitive education, prevention, treatment, and recovery interventions. These services are geared toward supporting family relationships, facilitating community empowerment, and stimulating economic development.

About Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) is committed to expanding access to quality, cost-effective health care to as many people as possible in Illinois. BCBSIL is dedicated to innovation and exploring, nurturing and activating future possibilities to make the health care system work better for our members and our communities.





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Pilsen Wellness Center’s expertise rests on its ability to grasp the implications of acculturation and how life experiences are encoded in language. Facilitating client access to the “emotional” aspect of a problem through the language in which it was experienced is a fundamental treatment component. Language and its subtleties, strongly related to identity, and expertise in treating acculturation difficulties are a hallmark of service provision. Click on any of the six services links below to learn more about the services offered by the Pilsen Wellness Center.

Mental Health

Mental Health

Pilsen Wellness Center values the uniqueness of the bicultural person. The Center’s supportive programs facilitate a process of healing for participants and their families.

Private Insurance Accepted

Private Insurance Accepted

The Pilsen Wellness Center offers expert bilingual mental health treatment services for adults, children & adolescents with private insurance.

Latino Youth HIgh School

Latino Youth HIgh School

Latino Youth High School offers young persons a second chance to obtain a high school diploma.

Youth Services

Youth Services

As a committed community partner, the Pilsen Wellness Center, Inc. provides services to children and adolescents across a variety of settings to support the healthy social and educational development of young persons.

Substance  use Treatment & DUI Services

Substance use Treatment & DUI Services

The Pilsen Wellness Center provides specialized services to DUI offenders who pose a moderate, significant, or high risk for future offences as well as provides medication assisted treatment services through several distinct program units in Chicago and one program unit in Stone Park, Illinois.

Additional Services

Additional Services

The Pilsen Wellness Center offers holistic program options addressing quality of life issues through an in-depth understanding of how levels of acculturation, socioeconomic factors, and the immigrant experience impact services provision.